Textures that awaken sensations: decorating with fabrics and textiles

In our last post we started talking about decoration based on the five senses, the first one we looked at was the smell, and today I would like to tell you a little about touch, and how to generate sensations from, for example, textiles.

We know that each texture evokes a certain sensation, the most common ones being hot or cold. For example, wood is related to warmth, while the iron is related to cold. The perfect balance between these sensations makes the atmosphere pleasant for us and for those who visit us at home.

How to start decorating with fabrics? Well, the most important thing is, as I always say, to recognize yourself first to know what you want your home to transmit. If, for example, you want to communicate your more sensitive side linked to nature, you can look for ecological fabrics for the covers of your cushions and pillows or organic patterns for the fabrics of your rugs or curtains. There are handmade and sustainably made fabrics that are worth considering.

All of these, combined with other warm and cool textures, will help to create a balanced and harmonious environment. The tactile sensory contrasts of the materials create a sense of the present moment and the enjoyment of the here and now, as happens when we are in the middle of a natural environment. Incorporate them! You will enjoy it.

Decorating with textiles is affordable and can make a big difference to the ambiance with just a few details. Remember, fabrics and textiles have a unique property and can help us to awaken multisensory experiences. Dare to look for chromatic combinations that inspire you. Avoid fashions and trends, and you’ll thank yourself for it.

By finding your style in the decoration of your home, you will discover the essence of your home, feel it as your own, and become aware of your well-being.