Creating from the
5 senses

About Me

Mariel Murias;
Architect, Landscaper & Interior designer

In these demanding times of personal and professional responsibilities, we are always looking forward to arriving at our home, our garden, terrace or our own space to meet ourselves being at one with it.

When these home spaces are harmonious, we feel at ease within them and we will be able to recharge energies. Designing and thinking about them with our senses, allows me to create quality environments and warmth atmospheres for those who are going to enjoy them. Designing, sensing each space, thinking and creating them to boost the emotions I would like to convey make me feel amazing.

We create quality environments & warmth atmospheres.

We create quality environments & warmth atmospheres.

My daily yoga and meditation practices let me connect with people and spaces in a different way, being more receptive and sensitive at each moment of my life. After 22 years designing, executing architectural works and handling workers and trade unions either in architectural or landscaping projects, I always focus myself on the idea of each client perceiving and designing the spaces with my five senses giving them a particular and specific personality.