How to choose colours for your home decoration?

Hello again!

In the last post, we had already touched on this topic, but as I have had many queries and requests for more information, I decided to write a little more about the meanings of colour in our designs.

Every colour communicates a message rooted in the culture of the viewer. When talking about the cultural aspect of colours, we will see that colours not only have an aesthetic role, but also a very strong symbolism, related for example, to day and night, light and darkness and that they have always accompanied man, through nature and his environment.

Our perception of colours is based on subjective associations and is also rooted in history, customs and the social and cultural environment, which determine the meaning with which we associate each of the colours we see.

Love and death are dressed up in different colours depending on where we are. In the West, the colour chosen by brides is white, because the cultural meaning of this colour is related to purity and innocence.  While in China, the colour chosen for the wedding ceremony is red, because in Eastern culture this colour represents good luck and celebration.

In the West, death is culturally represented by darkness, the unknown and the afterlife, the colour that represents it is black. Whereas in China, India, the Middle East and Japan the colour of death is white, for the clarity and elevation that represents the belief in higher life.

With this, we see that it is very important that you choose those colours and tones that represent you according to where you have grown up, your customs and preferences.

Here is a very useful tip: look for inspiration in nature and its magnificent compositions that have always accompanied us. Take ideas from it!

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