Landscaping, Warmthness

Have you realized that when we imagine a place to relax and be in harmony, what comes up immediately to our mind are natural spaces surrounded with vegetation?  

This intimate experience that we perceive when we are in contact with nature, arises in us a sense of admiration, sensuality and amazement. When introducing plants or elements and forms of nature in our indoor spaces, we recover the emotional bonds that the natural environment evoques in us, influencing positively and directly to our health and wellbeing.

We experience our daily connection with nature in our private gardens, terraces or balconies which acquire our own personality when we inhabit and enjoy them.

We design the park or garden of your home and also your open spaces like your balcony or terrace giving emphasis to their orientation and generating a close bond with the indoors spaces. This permanent connection awakens the five senses. The sense of sight allows us to perceive the different ranges of colours, shapes of leaves and diversity of selected plant species: trees, bushes and herbs. The sense of smell connects us with the fragrances of the different seasons of the year and the sense of touch has its place when sensing those textures which appeal our senses to be touched.

We advise you on the different materials, objects of art or decoration which will ensemble with this green environment in your home space.
The integration of your indoor and outdoor spaces are very important for us since they are an essential issue to create the appropriate place to experience a wellbeing atmosphere.