Colour: a world of sensations

Hello again!

We continue talking about how to decorate with the five senses. And of course, by now, it’s clear to you that we relate to our surroundings through the sensations we perceive through them. Sight is one of the senses that we have developed the most by focusing so much on technology. That is why we must pay special attention to the choice of colours when creating our places so that they evoke the sensations we are looking for.

We must know what the colours we decide to use in our living spaces convey, because they may be palettes that we like on paper, but on walls, curtains, paintings or even furniture, they may be uncomfortable to look at. We must always bear in mind that colour is an attribute of the different materials we have available to assemble our puzzle of sensations.

Some basic rules will be useful for choosing colours in every room. In every room? you might ask. Yes, in every room! Because every room in our home has a function, and ideally we can match the decoration and style to what is expected of them. When you make your mood board and determine the colour palette that will predominate in each room, you will represent it in fabrics, textiles, textures, materials, paintings, lighting, and even on the walls.

For example, we know that warm colours such as reds or yellows tend to be stimulating and therefore would not be suitable for a room. That is the first rule, find out about the meaning of colours and the feelings they awaken, so that you can make an informed decision about the palette you are going to use in each room of your home. Keep in mind that cool colours such as grey, blue or even green tend to relax us and also help us to concentrate.

Another key rule is to know the amount of natural light that the room we are working on gets, as this will have a direct effect on the perception of the colours we choose. How are the natural light and artificial lighting in the room? Answering this question will allow us to make better decisions to take our decoration to the next level. Are you interested in knowing more about this subject? Contact MUMA and I will give you more tips.

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