Interior design, Comfort

We create home spaces which enhance daily life experience by making bonds with other spaces, lightning, shades, fragrances, sounds, colours, materials, forms, textures and nature to enjoy yourself and recover the essence of your home.

In the interior of the home spaces, we emphasize on the sensation of amplitude, independently of the size of each space generating a strong connection with the outdoors and giving each space its own identity.

When designing spaces, we concentrate on the idea of inhabiting a place sensing a wellbeing atmosphere, thus, encouraging the sensitive side of architecture, a more human architecture which awakens its emotional qualities. And in this way we recover the essential issue, the communication between human beings and the spaces they inhabit; a complete sensory interior design.

  1. We work with mood boards with which we design colours, textures and forms, namely, the sensation that each space evoques and serves as an instrument of inspiration.

  2. We make all the necessary documentation for the performance of the interior designer. Through 3D images we show the selected materials and the atmospheres of the different environments.

  3. We propose pieces of furniture, fabrics and textiles.

It is not the space in itself what matter most, but the multisensory experience that you will experience. Enjoy yours with your five senses.