Three keys to decorating your home from aromas

The hustle and bustle of everyday life affect our way of seeing and feeling the world around us. The day-to-day full of deadlines, meetings, and networking exhausts us, and the pleasure of getting home often goes unnoticed.

Thinking about the decoration of your home from the five senses will allow you to reconnect with the place you live and find the way to the expected home relaxation. Have you noticed how the senses enhance each other? By stimulating one, another is automatically awakened. Enhancing the aromas that identify your home can help you savor well-being; as well as choosing the right colors that predominate in the atmosphere, selecting sounds, and preparing a place where the fabrics invite us to rest. These few little actions will change your life, I’m really telling you.

But where should we start? As a first key, start by discovering the aromas that generate well-being, try some classics such as jasmine, cinnamon, or citrus fruits, also with candles and natural essences. This is just the beginning, seek, research, that is put your nose to work.

Dare yourself to play with those aromas that remind you of your childhood or a pleasant moment that you want to treasure. Remember, the nose is the physical door to our emotional universe. The aroma leads us down the path of memory. Smells bring back emotions and memories better than images. The aim is to bring to your home the aromas which represent you.

As the last key, find the time to cook that recipe that impregnates your entire house with a pleasant fragrance and that automatically awakens your sense of taste.

The pandemic forced us to be at home and realize the importance of living in environments where we find harmony. Take your time. You know what gives you well-being. Discover your multisensory home by awakening your senses and you will enjoy your home to the maximum.

Stay tuned because the next post is about textures and their influence on the environment. If you want to know details about how to transform your home, contact me, and I will tell you everything about the MUMA method.