“The Multisensory Home: Awaken Your Senses with the MUMA Method.” book release

It is with great pleasure that I announce the release of the book, “The Multisensory Home: Awaken Your Senses with the MUMA Method.”

After two years of exciting work, it is finally here! Immerse yourself in a world where every corner of your home awakens your senses, bringing you health, comfort, and well-being.

Imagine this: walking through your front door and being greeted by a symphony of aromas, colors, textures, and sounds that instantly elevate your mood and ignite your creativity. That is the power of the multisensory home: a haven where every corner is designed to delight your senses and elevate your well-being. The MUMA Method redefines the way we experience our environment.

But it’s not just about aesthetics; it’s about harnessing the incredible potential of sensory stimulation to enhance every aspect of your life. Whether you work from home or simply relax after a long day, the Multisensory House is your ticket to a more enriching and fulfilling lifestyle.

And if you’re still not convinced, let me let you in on a secret: as a speaker at `Make it Happen by Being You´ conference 2024 at Andalucía Lab in Marbella, I had the honor of surprising and inspiring countless people with the transformative power of sensory design. Together, we unlocked the secrets to creating workspaces that drive productivity, creativity, and passion.

Because why settle for the ordinary when you can have the extraordinary by infusing our surroundings with the magic of our senses??

I invited all attendees on a journey to transform their workspace into a sensory sanctuary, a place where productivity meets charm. I guided them to look at the workspace from a multisensory perspective and discover sustainable architecture.

Have you ever come home and felt strange, out of place, uncomfortable?

It is truly amazing that when we enter any environment, we almost automatically sense whether it is welcoming or not. This happens to all of us. Have you ever experienced it?

It’s amazing how in just an instant we can feel comfortable and want to stay in a place. Or there is something in the air that we don’t like and we want to leave. This is what I call the atmosphere of the place.

In a world where the daily hustle and bustle often disconnects us from our surroundings, it is crucial to cultivate sensory experiences in our everyday places. I aim to inspire you to bring more sensory awareness into your daily life. In a busy time, our home workspaces are the key to unlocking untapped potential.

Join me to discover the secrets to awakening and balancing our senses, transforming our workspace into a realm of unlimited creativity and inspiration.

Are you ready to do it? Let’s do it together!

Step 1: We will start with the sense of sight by illuminating inspiration.

Our sense of sight is our primary connection to the world around us, influencing our mood and productivity levels. Let natural light flood your workspace by placing your desk as close to a window as possible to energize yourself with sunlight. Also, choose a color scheme that encourages concentration and calm, opting for calming blues and greens.

Step 2: We continue with sound by providing a harmonizing approach.

Choose a specific “sound zone” in your workspace where you can control the listening environment. Consider placing a small Bluetooth speaker or smart speaker in this zone and create playlists that encourage concentration and relaxation. Experiment with instrumental music or natural sounds that stimulate your creativity. Always keep nature in mind as our ally to awaken the senses.

Step 3: How beautiful it is to continue with the sense of touch that has been so neglected in pandemic times.

Our sense of touch influences our physical comfort and ergonomic support, which impacts our health and productivity. I advise you to prioritize ergonomic furniture that promotes correct posture and relieves physical strain. By incorporating tactile elements such as soft fabrics, smooth surfaces, and plush cushions, you can create a welcoming and pleasant working environment.

Step 4: Let’s remember how important it is to consider the sense of taste to foster creativity.

Our sense of taste is intimately linked to our energy levels and cognitive function. Create a “snack station” in your workplace with healthy and energizing options such as fresh fruit, nuts, healthy snacks, and herbal teas. Also, make hydration a priority and always have a jug of water with citrus or cucumber slices on hand. By paying attention to your sense of taste in the workplace, you will not only take care of your physical health but also foster your creative potential.

Step 5: How amazing it is to awaken the sense of smell to invoke inspiration.

The first thing to consider is air renewal for a healthy and fresh environment. Use the power of aromatherapy by introducing essential oils or scented candles into your workspace. Experiment with stimulating fragrances such as citrus or peppermint to increase productivity and mental clarity. Aromas lead us down our memory path faster than images. Bring that aroma that represents you so well into your home.

In conclusion, the journey towards creating a truly transformative and enriching home workspace begins with the awakening and harmonization of our five senses: sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste. By embracing the power of these senses, we unlock a realm of untapped potential, where creativity, focus, and well-being flourish in abundance.

However, in the midst of this sensory exploration, let us not overlook the sixth sense—intuition—a silent yet potent force that guides us in our quest for inspiration and innovation. Trusting in our intuition allows us to navigate our surroundings with clarity and purpose, uncovering hidden opportunities and insights along the way.

It is important to recognize that each of us possesses unique preferences and sensitivities, shaping our individual sensory experiences. Therefore, we must tailor our environments to align with our personal needs, using the tips provided to refine and balance our multisensory home.

Moreover, integrating elements of nature such as plants, natural materials, and open places further enhances the harmony within our workspace, connecting us to the soothing rhythms of the natural world. By embracing the magic of sight, sound, touch, smell, taste, and intuition, we embark on a transformative journey towards crafting a sanctuary of inspiration and productivity within our home.

Trusting our innate instincts and creative impulses, we journey into a new paradigm in home environments: a multisensory sanctuary where innovation flourishes. Guided by the transformative MUMA method, we redefine how we experience our environment.

By embracing this unique integrative approach, we break free from conventional thinking to reimagine the essence of the home. So lets listen to our intuition, trust our senses and embark on this amazing journey into a safe house where innovation and purpose converge, all under the influence of “The Multisensory Home: Awaken Your Senses with the MUMA Method.”