Houses, Harmony

When we discover a place with the five senses, we imperceptibly perceive the sense of wellbeing.

When designing a multisensory home space, we try to join the preferences and necessities of each client with the appropriate combination of the elements of the surroundings. We create enjoyable spaces through colours, materials, textures, lightning and the natural game of shades and lights projected indoors. We try to incorporate noble materials, elements and forms of nature in the spaces we intervene in. We concentrate on the sensations of balance generated by the different atmospheres in your home space. This architecture in harmony with nature gives you a multisensory experience at home.

The multisensory environment allows us to recover the essentials of those who inhabit or visit it inviting them to linger within. A comfortable space places us in the centre of the scene and It is at this moment when feeling in harmony that we find ourselves with our real essence.

Do you realize the importance of recovering all our senses in the spaces we have been talking about?