Who is This Book For?

The MUMA Method is crafted for anyone seeking a transformative journey within the spaces they call home. Whether you’re a homeowner, apartment dweller, or someone passionate about creating harmonious living environments, this book is designed to guide you on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. If you desire to engage your senses, cultivate wellbeing, and witness the magic of your living spaces evolving into sanctuaries of balance and joy, the MUMA Method is for you.

Why is it important that your home is well decorated?

  • Psychological Wellbeing: Decorating your home with beauty has a profound impact on your psychological wellbeing. A visually appealing and aesthetically pleasing environment can evoke positive emotions, reduce stress, and contribute to an overall sense of happiness.
  • Personal Identity and Connection: The way you decorate your home reflects your personal identity and style. A well-decorated home becomes an extension of yourself, fostering a stronger sense of connection and belonging. This connection to your living space contributes to a more positive and fulfilling living experience.
  • Enhanced Quality of Life: Beauty in your home environment contributes to an enhanced quality of life. When your surroundings are aesthetically pleasing, it can elevate your mood, boost creativity, and increase overall satisfaction. 

About the author

Meet Mariel, the creative force and visionary behind the MUMA Method. An optimistic and courageous soul, Mariel has seamlessly woven her passion into her profession. Her journey is fueled by an unwavering enthusiasm for new challenges that serve as stepping stones for personal and professional growth.

Mariel thrives in collaborative environments, cherishing the power of teamwork where collective synergy enhances the likelihood of success. This collaborative spirit is reflected in the MUMA Method, a culmination of her dedication to creating harmonious living spaces.

Beyond the realms of her profession, Mariel finds solace and inspiration in the embrace of nature, particularly by the sea. A dedicated practitioner of yoga and meditation, she understands the transformative power of reconnecting with the natural world and the self.

Alongside her endeavors for overall well-being, Mariel is an aficionado of the arts. She appreciates the beauty of artistic expression, enjoys the therapeutic notes of music, and finds a voice in the written word. Through her diverse interests, Mariel brings a rich tapestry of experiences to the MUMA Method, infusing it with authenticity and depth.


What our customers say

“An experience that awakens the senses and connects us with well-being. With the Method, I learned to identify and select the best materials so that my home becomes my favorite place.” – María Méndez Lucentini

What our customers say

With “The MUMA Method Book”, I have discovered how every corner can be a source of serenity, joy and inspiration. This an essential Guide to find beauty in the every day and to enjoy life with all the senses. – Paula Bangels


What our customers say

“What a wonderful book! Having recently moved from UK to Spain, and feeling a little lost, Mariel’s step-by-step guide has helped me transform our shell of a house into a home. A beautifully balanced home that is supporting the whole family as we settle into our new life. Highly recommended.” – Catherine Saunders

What our customers say

It was truly a pleasure collaborating with Mariel. Her exceptional attention to detail, coupled with her prompt responsiveness to our inquiries and concerns, made our extensive project remarkably smooth. The outcome exceeded our expectations – our home turned out to be stunning, surpassing anything we could have envisioned, and perfectly encapsulating our unique style – Ulrica Larsson


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