We launched the MUMA blog!

Hello World!

I am Mariel Murias, architect and creator of the MUMA method, a multisensory approach to your home. This first post is to share with you great joy and tell you this great news: we launched our blog!.
At MUMA we know that when we realize the importance of our home in our lives, it is necessary to know the elements that make up our environment which, together with expert advice, will make each detail of the decoration truly represent us.
In each publication of MUMA’s blog, I would like to share with you ideas, proposals, and tips to help you transform your home into a place in which the five senses play a leading role (very soon you will find out more about what this means 😊 ).
We will talk about interior design, also exterior design, and the great importance of incorporating elements of nature into our living spaces. I will tell you about sensitive and sustainable architecture, and of course, about the daily practices that do us good, so that we can feel our home as a true refuge to enjoy life.

I hope you enjoy every article that is published on the MUMA blog, see you soon!